Monday, May 22, 2017

3D Deer Head Diaper Cake

I was asked by a friend to make a hunting themed diaper cake for her daughter's baby shower.  The only ideas she could give me was camouflage and orange.  So, I put my thinking cap on and headed over to the Silhouette Design Store.  In the Store, I found a 3D deer head which I thought would be perfect for the cake topper!  I proceeded to cut all the pieces out for the deer head.

I cut out two sets of antlers so that I could add some thin wire between them to be able to bend, if needed.  I then glued the antlers, and green "plaque", and slid the head pieces on the head.

Then it was time to work on the cake.  I rolled and rubber banded 76 size 2 diapers.  I use size 2 in case the mom-to-be wants to use the cake as a decoration for a while.

I could not find any camoflage ribbon, so I purchased 1/2 yard camo fabric and 1/4 yard orange fabric.

 I cut the camo fabric at 3" and the orange fabric at 1.5" to use as my ribbon.  I also made some bows out of the fabric to place on the backwhere the ribbon meets.

It was time to get images to place around the cake.  So, back to the Silhouette Store I went.  I cut several images that have to do with hunting.  I wanted a special image for the center front.  I found an antler monogram image, cut that out, and added the baby's initials.  Before placing the images onto the cake, I inked the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

For the front, I knew I wanted to add his initials.  I found an antler monogram file in the Silhouette Store.  I added his initials and placed them inside.  I then placed the antler monogram center front of cake.  I also added a couple small images on the bottom and top layer of the cake on the front.

The last thing to do at this point was add the 3D deer head to the top.  I cut two pieces of fairly heavy chipboard the same shape as the plaque.  I then glued the deer head plaque to one piece of chipboard. I added two pieces of metal rod to the remaining piece of chipboard about 1" from either side so that the top wouldn't spin.  Now its time to glue the two pieces of chipboard together.  I spread wet glue all over it then added some hot glue to the top edge.  Put both pieces together fast so the hot glue doesn't dry.  Press hard, then add hot glue down the sides and on the bottom as needed so the pieces stay glued together.  I didn't like the raw edges of the "plaque" section, so I cut a thin strip of orange fabric and glued it around the edges with fabric glue.  The final addition, was a bow on the back of the plaque.

Left Side

Right Side

And here is a picture of it surrounded by all the presents at the baby shower. It was a huge hit at the shower!

I hope you enjoyed my version of a deer hunting diaper cake!!  Have a crafty day ~ Deb

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