Thursday, June 1, 2017

Onesie & T-Shirts

It's becoming a busy time of year for me!  I know a lot of women who are having babies, and my husband's friends have asked me to make them fishing themed t-shirts.

First, I have a onesie.  The theme is based on the actual baby shower invitation which says something to the affect of the adventure beginning.  A new life sure is an adventure!  So this is my version of the beginning of an adventure.

Next up I have a few fishing t-shirts for a friend of ours.

My Silhouette Cameo in simply amazing!  It lets me create things I never thought possible.  And my heat press is my best friend!  This time of year, I get a lot of friends asking for images to be put on tumblers, shirts, bathing suit cover-ups, and don't forget the Bride and Bride's maids.

Until next time......have a crafty day ~ Deb

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